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In a previous blog we shared some common insurance claims mistakes. Today we’re going to help you with some tips to help make sure you get what you are owed when filing your insurance claim. You want both your insurance company and the roofing contractor you choose to make the repairs or replace your roof completely.

1.      Take Pictures

What your home looks like immediate after the storm and days later when the adjustor arrive may differ. If you have a hole in your roof or a tree or other large debris on your home, you may get it removed for safety. However, you want to document how it looked immediately after the storm. If you pay a company to remove the tree from your home. The roofing contractor you hire for your roofing work may not be able to provide the service of tree removal. Your insurance company may need visible evidence that work was performed in order to covered it.

2.      Understand Your Policy

Because not all insurance companies look out for their customers, you want to understand your policy. Many policies have statues of limitations for reporting damage and what type of damage they cover. You may find that although you have coverage for a total roof replacement that your insurance company prorates the replacement based on the age of the roof. Understanding it ahead of time will save you frustration when you receive your claim check.

3.      Don’t Sign a Contingency Contract

Sometimes a less than ethical roofing contractor will present you with what looks like an estimate and ask you to sign it. Be very careful. You may be inadvertently signing a contract stating that you’ll hire that roofing contractor for the repair or replacement. Because it’s a good idea to get a few quotes and research the contractor you’re thinking of hiring, you don’t want to be locked into a contract with one (or more) of them!

Of course, it should go without saying that you should hire an experienced roofer. You want the company you hire to have experience not only roofing but also with insurance claims. Cooley Roofing & Construction has decades of experience in insurance claims for both roof repair and roof replacement. We work with all insurance companies and will help you with your claim. Call us today at 366-766-6488 or fill out our contact form for your no obligation estimate.

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