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Keep your siding looking great

Siding is a common material for the exterior of many homes in Greensboro. Common materials are vinyl, aluminum, wood, and fiberboard. No matter what yours is made of, it takes a little work each year to keep it looking its best. Well maintained siding looks great and lasts longer than that which is neglected. Follow these tips to keep yours looking great.

Clean it Regularly

Depending on how your home sits in relation to the sun, how much shade is on your home, and the weather, it may need cleaning once a year or more often. There are several ways to clean siding. You can use a pressure washer but keep the stream level rather than pointing up. One mistake many homeowners make is trying to clean the whole house from the ground. When you do this with a pressure washer, you can inadvertently send water up under the board and water can get into your home.

Another cleaning option is a soft bristle brush and soapy water. This will take considerably more time but if you’re trying to get mildew that’s been on there a long time, it’s a very effective method. Be sure to avoid using products not designed for siding or anything too strong. If you’re in doubt, contact the manufacturer to find out what cleaning products are safe for yours.

Inspect It

Just as you would your roof, you want to inspect your siding several times a year and after ever major storm, especially hail storms. Hail can damage aluminum and vinyl. Wind storms can also do their fair share of damage to many types of siding. Pests can eat away at wood siding and can get under most siding types if there’s a crack or a break in it.

No matter how well you take care of your home’s exterior, you’re going to need repair and replacement services. That’s why Cooley Roofing and Construction is ready to help you with your roof repair, replacement, new siding and replacement windows. We’re local and have the experience and offer leading products perfect for area homes. If you’re looking for just one company to help you with any exterior work, call us at 366-766-6488 or fill out our contact form.

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