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As you choose the elements for your home’s exterior makeover, you may wonder whether you should go with one of the latest trends or stick with the traditional. We’re here to say, there’s rarely a right answer to this question. However, there are some questions you should ask yourself before following the latest trend for exterior renovations on your home.

How Will I Feel About This in….

Six weeks, six months or even six years. This is the biggest variable. You’ll need to decide if you can live with your choice for as long as the element you’re choosing should last. For example, you shouldn’t ever need to replace your windows again. Right now, the biggest trend is black replacement windows. How will you feel about black windows in a year? In five or fifteen? Siding trends are whites, creams, greys and muted earth tones. Is this something you’ll be happy with or do you need some color? How you’ll feel about the color scheme in the future should be a big consideration before choosing one of the trends in exterior renovations.

What’s the Big Picture?

Any homeowner going through the expense of exterior renovations wants a finished product that they can be proud of. As you look at the elements you’re choosing, are they all trends or have you chosen a cohesive look? We don’t recommend choosing all trends like black replacement windows, grey siding and a color blend roof. Instead, choose what’s most important to you and build a cohesive look around the main element.

Am I Selling My Home Soon?

Although trendy can be fun and can make your home look and feel more modern, it doesn’t always help sell the home. Many buyers are interested in a home that looks like it belongs in the neighborhood, not stands out. If you’re unsure if the colors, styles or design you’re considering for your exterior renovations is too much, ask a trusted Realtor® before you make your final selection.

How Will My HOA React?

Many neighborhoods with homeowner’s associations have regulations for color and style. That means they won’t approve anything outside their parameters. Of course, you should never move forward with any exterior renovations before the approval is finalized. But it also means don’t waste their time if your color scheme falls outside the approved guidelines.

Cooley Roofing Can Help

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