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commercial roofing scamWe’ve seen news reports about homeowners being scammed by gypsy roofers but did you know that there are commercial roofing scams too? Not only do the out-of-area roofers target homeowners, but businesses as well. Because our area saw a great deal of storm damage last year, more commercial business owners and building managers had issues with less than honest (or worse!) commercial roofing companies. Here are some of the more common issues we’ve seen.

Big Promises for a Low Price

You know the saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” That definitely goes for a very low bid on a commercial roof repair or replacement. We’ve always recommended getting multiple bids for repair and if one is significantly lower than the rest, you probably aren’t dealing with an experienced or perhaps even legitimate roofing company. Always make sure the estimate is in writing and detailed so you know what work they’re proposing.

Unsolicited Roofing Inspections

We don’t know of any legitimate commercial roofing companies who have so much time on their hands that they can stop by your business and perform a free inspection. Commercial roofing requires a great deal of knowledge and a proper inspection takes time. If someone just shows up, chances are good that they’re not going to give you a favorable report even if your roof is in fine shape, they just want to take advantage of the element of fear.

Funny Money

There are a couple ways that these less than honest commercial roofing companies try to scam you out of your money. Some will say, if you pay in advance, we’ll give you a discount. Don’t fall for it. Others offer a here today, gone tomorrow price. They try to pressure you into signing at a low price by threatening to raise it in 24/48 hours. Never sign anything without researching the company and if they put that kind of pressure on you, don’t hire them at all. Lastly is the “oops, the damage is worse than we thought.” That’s when they give you an estimate and all of a sudden need more money to complete the repair. Don’t fall for that.

Cooley Roofing & Construction has decades of commercial roofing experience. We’re a locally-owned and -operated company with ties in the community. If we give you an estimate, it’s good for at least 30 days, giving you time to compare bids and research us. You can trust us to not only perform the repair properly, but also to do it for the estimate presented. Call us today at 366-766-6488 or fill out our contact form.

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