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Buying new windows doesn’t have to involve hours long presentations or confusing terms. The more you know about your options when it comes to new windows, the easier and less stressful your window buying process will be. And the happier you’ll be with your choice. So, before you call a window company for a quote, make sure you know a few things about replacement windows.

You Don’t Have to Choose the Same Style Windows

Most homes have single hung windows. That means they open by pushing up on the bottom sash. However, most people choose double hung windows when they replace their windows because they allow for better air flow, as both sashes move. Most allow both the upper and lower sash to tilt in for easy and safe cleaning from inside your home. But, consider all your options. And, know that you can mix window styles. Depending on the size and shape of the opening a casement window or sliding window may be a better choice.

The National Fenestration Rating Council is an Independent Organization

You can trust the information provided by the NFRC. They purchase the windows from the manufacturer just like we do and test their energy efficiency. They also provide other information such as how much light the glass lets in and air leakage. When you want to compare two windows to each other, use the NFRC ratings to compare energy efficiency.

Buying New Windows Will Lower Your Heating & Cooling Costs

But, only if you buy ENERGY STAR® rated windows for our area. And, they need to be properly sized and installed. Additionally, if any window company tries to tell you that your new windows will pay for themselves in a few years, they are not being truthful. Most homeowners save between $250-$400 a year on energy costs after new window installation.

Custom Windows Are a Better Option

Don’t be afraid of the term custom when it comes to windows. The difference in cost of a custom window versus a stock or builder grade window isn’t as much as you may think. However, the differences are significant. Not only will your custom windows fit your window openings better (which means they will provide better energy efficiency), but they’ll also come with a better warranty. Window manufacturers can provide a better warranty on a custom window because they know they’ll be installed by a professional window installer.

Buying New Windows This Year? Call Cooley Roofing

We offer financing for homeowners buying new windows and provide free replacement windows quotes. You’ll never have to sit through hours long presentations and because we’re an independent window company, we offer several brands all with great warranties made with quality materials. Call us today for your free quote and answers to any of your new window questions – (336) 766-6488. You can also fill out our contact form.

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