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In the life of the average roof, most homes need three or four roof repairs and more frequent maintenance. Of course, weather and other outside forces can mean an early roof replacement or additional repairs. If you’re a new homeowner or haven’t dealt with roof repair, we have a brief summary of important roof repair and maintenance information to help.

A Quote & Estimate Are Not the Same

Some roofing companies offer an estimate, while others provide a quote. A quote means you will pay the price you see. An estimate is just that, a guess based on what they can see. Some roofing companies aren’t confident enough during their roofing inspection that they guess how extensive the repair will be. There’s a chance you may pay more. Sometimes significantly more. Ask your roofing company if the price you’re giving you is a final quote or estimate before you sign. A good roofer will provide you a quote, not an estimate, and always in writing.

Not All Roof Repair is Covered by Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Your roof, like anything else in and around your home, ages. As it ages, it breaks down. Sometime different parts of your roof age more rapidly than other parts which means a need for roof repair. In fact, fire, hail and wind are about the only types of roof damage that your homeowner’s insurance covers.

Roof Maintenance Can Minimize Repair Costs

You may think that just because your roof doesn’t have any moving parts that there is no need for roof maintenance. However, some parts of your roof age more quickly than others. The fastest aging element is the sealant around your roof’s flashing. That can begin to break down in as quickly as about five years on a roof with southern exposure. When you don’t have your roofing company inspect and replace your sealant as needed, you’ll end up with water in your home. Additionally, the boots around your vents (generally made of rubber) need replacing by about ten years normally. Other maintenance can include re-affixing loose shingles and gutters.

Sometimes a Roofer Will Recommend a Roof Replacement

Any ethical roofer will provide you with what you asked for – a repair or replacement quote, unless it’s unsafe to repair your roof. However, they may advise you to replace your roof rather than repairing it if they believe your roof is past its life and you’ll end up calling for another repair before too long. If your roofer recommends a roof replacement when you called for a roof repair and can’t clearly explain why, get another opinion.

Cooley Roofing Offers Roof Repair & Maintenance

Whether you know you need roof repair or you’ve never had a roofing inspection and think that you might need some maintenance, call Cooley Roofing. We provide a quote, meaning the price you see is the price you pay, no matter what we find. Because our roofing inspections are thorough enough for us to provide you with a quote, we charge for them. However, when you trust us with your roof repair, we deduct the cost of the inspection from your final bill. Call Cooley Roofing today at (336) 766-6488 to schedule a roofing inspection for your roof repair and maintenance needs.

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