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There are three things that can help ensure your roof lasts as it is intended to:

  1. Proper installation from a qualified and experienced roofing professional.
  2. Quality roofing materials.
  3. Preventative roof maintenance.

Roofs also last longer when there isn’t crazy weather like derechos and large hail events. That means once your roof is installed, it’s up to you to work with a local roofing company and ensure that you have regular roofing inspections. Generally, you want one about every other year. You may want to increase the frequency once your roof is more than about ten years old. During their inspection they will note any issues requiring repair and maintenance.

What Kind of Things Need Maintenance on a Roof?

Your roof is made up of much more than just shingles. Although your shingles are designed to last about 20 years on average, other elements are not. Your roof’s flashing, for example, has sealant on it where it abuts the chimney or dormer. The sealant can wear out in as few as five years. With preventative roof maintenance your roofer can replace the sealant which keeps the water out of your home. Similarly, boots around vents on your roof age more quickly than the shingles or the vents themselves. That means replacing them from time to time.

Homeowner Maintenance

As a homeowner, you should be cleaning the gutters at least twice year. Clean gutters help the water flow as it should away from the home. In addition, you should also remove any debris like sticks, leaves or pine needles on your roof as soon as you notice it. Finally, make sure that no tree branches touch your roof’s surface, if they do, cut them back.

Preventative Roof Maintenance Saves You Money

If your roofing company reseals your flashing, replaces your boots and handles other preventative issues regularly, you are less likely to have a roof leak. As you know, water does more damage than just about any other force of nature. When water gets into your home it can damage everything from insulation to drywall to flooring. Additionally, during roofing inspections your roofing company can identify small issues that require repair before they become a big problem. And, small roof repairs cost less than big ones.

Have You Ever Had a Roofing Inspection or Roof Maintenance?

Has it been more than five years since a professional evaluated your roofing system? It may be time to call Cooley Roofing for a professional roofing inspection. At that time we can let you know what, if any, preventative roof maintenance you need and if we see areas requiring repair, provide a quote. Call us today and ask about a roof maintenance roofing inspection before the fall and winter rains come. Reach us at (336) 766-6488 or fill out our contact form today.

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