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As you begin getting roof replacement estimates from various roofing companies, you may notice differences in price. Sometimes the difference is because the proposal isn’t comparable when it comes to service like a complete tear off versus an overlay. Other times the price difference is because it’s the difference between a three-tab shingle and an architectural shingle. When we make a recommendation for a roof replacement, we recommend architectural shingles because they’re better in several ways.

Better Construction

No matter whose product you choose, an architectural shingle is a higher quality product. One of the easiest ways to measure this is the weight of a packet of shingles that covers a square (roofing term for 100 square feet). Architectural shingles weigh an average of 100 pounds more than 3-tab. The layers of an architectural shingle are part of why they’re heavier and, as a result, more expensive. One difference can be seen in their manufacturer’s warranties which range from 20 years on a 3-tab shingle to 50 years on an architectural shingle.

Superior Durability

Because of their better construction and additional materials used in manufacturing an architectural shingle, they’re more wind resistant. For example, your architectural shingle may be wind rated to 120mph whereas 3-tab shingle may only be rated for 60mph winds. And, many architectural shingles have impact resistant technology built into them giving you some level of protection against hail. Because they’re nearly twice as thick, they last longer, even in good weather.

They Look Better

For many homeowners this upgrade is one that makes a vast improvement in curb appeal. On some homes, the roof is a very visible element of the home. Because architectural shingles come in many styles, you can have a roof that looks like shake, slate or even something historic. Different manufacturers offer different color and style options.

If you need a roof replacement, call Cooley Roofing. We’ll help you see the differences between the older style three-tab shingles and architectural shingles and why the slight increase in cost is worth the investment in your home. We are a GAF Certified roofing contractor and A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau. Our roof replacement estimates are always free so call (336) 766-6488.

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