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All too often homeowners choose their roofing installers based on the quote they receive. Choosing the cheapest bid is not always the wisest choice. The expression you get what you pay for is true in roofing as well. And, because of that, one of the services we offer is working with the homeowners to help them get the coverage the pay for when an insurance company denies a claim. Sometimes cheap insurance tries to avoid paying claims. Recently we worked with a homeowner where, unfortunately their claim was denied and the insurance company was right to do so. Here’s the story and why experience and reputation should be your deciding factor in choosing your roofing company, not price.

The Backstory

About five years ago a homeowner realized they needed a new roof. They called several roofing companies and requested quotes. They noticed all were quoting the same GAF shingles. So they decided to go with the cheapest bid. And, for about four and a half years their roof did what it was supposed to do. Over the summer, when we had some wind storms, several shingles blew off. They contacted their insurance company. The insurance company inspected the wind damage and explained to the homeowner that they damage would not have occurred if the roof was properly installed. Unfortunately, the roofing installers missed the area where the shingles should have been affixed to the roof on a large section of the roof where there were missing shingles.

Our Inspection Came to the Same Conclusion

More often than not, our experience trumps that of the adjustor from your insurance company. Because of that, we often show the insurance company that they should cover a claim. However, in this case, there was a lot of evidence of poor installation. The roofing installers not only missed the nailing strip, but also had the nail gun pressure set too high which blew through the shingles. We sadly informed the homeowner that the insurance company was in the right to deny their claim.

Experience & Certification Matters

As much as we would have loved this story to have different ending for the homeowner, they now have a roof that is properly installed. If it blows off due to high winds, there is no reason for their insurance company to deny the claim. And, because they chose the GAF Golden Pledge™ Warranty, they have the best warranty backing not only the product, but the installation too. Even if you don’t choose as your roofing installers, choose a MasterElite® roofing company for your GAF products or a SELECT ShingleMaster™ for your CertainTeed products.

Cooley Roofing Has the Experience You Want

We’ve been serving the Winston-Salem area from our Clemmons offices for more than 30 years. Not only do we have experience, but we are both GAF MasterElite and CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMaster certified. With an A+ BBB rating, you are assured that our reputation is excellent. If you need a new roof or roof repair, call us to schedule your appointment at (336) 766-6488 or fill out our contact form today.

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