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replacement window company can make home more comfortableWe’ve all been in a home where whether it’s the dog days of summer or the middle of winter, you just can’t get comfortable. If this explains your home, chances are good that your windows are making your house uncomfortable. You don’t have to live in a home where the heat or cold come in year-round, contact a replacement window company for energy-efficient windows before winter arrives.

But is it Really the Windows?

There is a simple way to know if it really is the windows in the home making it uncomfortable. Simply close all the doors and windows, turn off the heat or air conditioning and turn on the exhaust fans in the house. This includes a kitchen vent and bathroom exhaust fans. Then light an incense stick (you can also use a candle but incense is safer), hold it near the window edges, and watch where the smoke goes.

If the smoke goes inward toward the nearest vent, you have an air leak and your windows are the culprit. What you want is for the smoke goes up (as you’d expect). When it does, you have properly sealed windows. If you’ve determined your windows leak, you can try re-caulking the windows and trying the smoke test again or you can look at the windows and determine it’s time for new ones.

Upgrading Your Windows

When you replace your windows, you may also want to upgrade them. Depending what’s in your home now, that may mean moving from single hung windows to convenient double hung windows or casement windows. It may mean swapping out single pane for double pane or triple pane windows. Your home, current windows, budget, and goals with new windows will, in part, determine the right replacement windows for you.

Admittedly it may be hard to think about winter right now but if you’re considering installing energy-efficient windows in your home, now is the tine to call a replacement window company and schedule an appointment. If you don’t have a window company you know and trust, call Cooley Roofing & Construction at 366-766-6488 or fill out our contact form. We can inspect your current windows and make the right recommendations for new energy-efficient windows.

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