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windows, roofing and siding make a difference in your business

There’s a lot that goes into a brick and mortar small business. You want every advantage possible and that means the building needs to look great and protect those inside.  Your windows, roofing and siding are often the first impression many people have of your business and you want it to be inviting. That means your exterior from the roofing to the siding all needs to look great. Here are some reasons you should maintain the exterior of your business as much as you maintain the interior.

Customers Judge You

If you sell goods, you likely put time into your window display and if the building surrounding the window isn’t attractive, it doesn’t matter what’s inside, people won’t come in. In fact, a potential customer may drive right by if they don’t think your building looks like the type of place they want to visit. A nice entry door, clean exterior including roofing matter. Having a company you know who can replace your roofing and siding or provide new windows will make a difference in what customers think when they first approach your business.

It Protects Your Inventory

A leaky roof can damage inventory. If you sell goods for other companies, that may mean a big loss of inventory. Don’t take chances, make sure that your roof is inspected and in good condition. Preventative roof maintenance costs less than roof repair plus the cost of lost goods.

Fewer Distractions

Whether you’re a business offering services to the local community or one that sells products, you want your staff to be able to focus on their job. When there’s a roof leak, they may be displaced from their desk causing disruption to their daily work. If the siding is banging against the wall every time there’s a gust of wind, they may become irritated or unable to focus.


You want your employees and customers to feel safe in your building in the event of an extreme weather event. It starts with your roof. A secure roofing system helps keep not only your staff and customers safe but also your inventory, equipment and supplies protected from the elements.

As a building owner or tenant, you should want to provide a great first impression, to provide a safe place to work or shop and keep your staff focused. When you call Cooley Roofing & Construction for a roofing inspection, we’ll provide you with an honest assessment of the roof’s condition and what repairs should be made. We also can replace your windows, roofing and siding if you’re looking for a total exterior makeover. Call us today at 366-766-6488 or fill out our contact form.

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