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The majority of the calls we get are calls requesting a roof repair estimate. However, upon completing inspection, sometimes we inform the homeowner they really need a roof replacement. We pride ourselves on transparency and honesty and always explain why we recommend a replacement rather than repair. However, some roofing companies will simply recommend a roof replacement for reasons that benefit them rather than you.

Reasons We May Recommend a Roof Replacement

Every situation and roof is different. There are three main reasons we may recommend a roof replacement rather than repair.

  1. When the roof repair estimate is nearing or exceeding half the cost of a roof replacement. Although it is ultimately up to the homeowner as to whether they want to invest into an older roof, it rarely makes sense from an ROI standpoint.
  2. Evidence of storm damage that lead to the roof leak. Hail and wind rarely damage just a small portion of the roof. When you call us because of a roof leak and we find storm damage, usually you need a roof replacement that is, at least partially, covered by insurance.
  3. The age of the roof can influence our decision to recommend replacing the roof. Unfortunately, even a roof just 10 years old can be at the end of its life depending on the shingle type, weather and other factors.

Unethical Reasons to Recommend a Roof Replacement

There are shady roofers in our area. They are after as much money with as little effort as possible. A roof repair can take a crew a whole day to perform properly. If the unethical roofer can have a higher profit with the same crew working the day while replacing your roof, they’re going to recommend it even if you don’t truly need one. Another reason is that they don’t have the skill or training to do the job right.

Cooley Roofing Is Your Local Trusted Roofer

Ask our previous customers or take a look at our reviews online. You’ll see that we take the time to talk to our customers and clearly answer questions and explain why we recommend what we do. Of course, if we recommend a roof replacement over repair and you still want the roof repair estimate, that is your choice. Trust that we never make the recommendation without a definitive reason that we share with you. Call us today to schedule your estimate at (336) 766-6488 or fill out our contact form.

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