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exterior renovation company installs new roof, siding, and windowsIf you look at your home and wish it looked better, you may want to consider calling an exterior renovation company. Other reasons homeowners choose to remodel their home’s exterior is excessive maintenance of wood siding and windows and increasing roof repair costs. Here are some signs that indicate you should call an exterior renovation company for an estimate on new siding, replacement windows, and a new roof.

Your Windows

Your windows may look bad or you may be tired of scraping and painting them year after year. If that’s the case it’s time to find out about the cost of replacement windows. Some other signs it’s time for a quote on new windows are if yours:

  • Don’t open properly
  • Don’t close tightly
  • Have condensation between the panes
  • Are loose in the frame

All these common window issues can be cost you in increased utility bills because your windows aren’t doing their job.

Your Siding

Depending on your current siding material, it could be cracked, dented, or not well-affixed to your home which can allow pests in and, of course, looks bad. Anytime your siding isn’t properly attached to your home, it may also allow water in which can cause a great deal of damage. Just like your windows, if you’re tired of scraping and painting every few years, you might want to consider vinyl replacement siding for virtually no maintenance and a look that really resembles wood siding.

Your Roofing

Most homeowners know when the cost of a roof repair no longer makes sense, it’s time for a roof replacement. Did you know that an aging roof can also contribute to increased energy usage? Proper ventilation and modern roofing products better maintain the temperatures in your attic leading to lower heating and cooling costs. Some signs that it’s time for a roof replacement include:

  • Dented, curled, or bent shingles
  • Missing or misaligned shingles
  • Excessive granules in the downspout and gutters
  • Sagging sections of your roof

Don’t let your windows, siding, or roofing deteriorate to the point that your home sustains water damage. Call the exterior renovation company Cooley Roofing and Construction for a free estimate on your new windows, siding, or roof replacement. We offer leading brands at competitive pricing to suit nearly every home style. Call 366-766-6488 today or fill out our contact form and we’ll call you.

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