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Trends are changing when it comes to siding, but not with replacement windows. As much as we like to share the color trends each year, we realize that your personal preference should take precedence to any trend. Because, after all, a trend is just a trend and may only last a short time whereas you may choose to live in your home for years to come. With that being said, here is some information regarding exterior color trends for 2024.

You’ll See More Vanilla Siding

Vanilla doesn’t mean plain. It’s just the color that’s toping the trends chart. In fact, vanilla, which depending on the brand could be called cream, off white, winter white or just about anything between and white or yellow. And because any shade that’s not quite white but also not grey or yellow, it is a neutral. That means you have many options with which you can pair your replacement windows, a new roof and gutters and trim.

Pastels Have Their Place

Although we don’t often think about a pastel color pallet for a home, you may want to revisit the idea. Pastels create a warm and inviting feeling to the home’s exterior. When you pair the pastel with a complimentary bold trim, you have a house that has real curb appeal. And, if you are a gardener with a beautiful landscape design, pastels really make the greenery and flowers stand out.

In the South, Grey Still Beats out Browns

For whatever reason, we prefer grey to brown in our home’s exteriors. One reason may be because of the continued strong showing of black replacement windows. Black replacement windows and grey siding are a natural combination. However, much of the country is moving back to the brown hues according to a survey by BuilderOnline.

Replacement Windows

Black replacement windows are still a strong trend. However, with the tightening of budgets, many homeowners are opting for the more affordable white than we’ve seen recently. We don’t see black replacement windows going anywhere so if you love the contrast with your existing home or your new siding color, it’s still a popular option.

What About Roofing?

Although a black roof has long dominated the top choice, it has been fading in recent years. More homeowners tend to prefer the color blend roofs which have multiple shades of either greys, browns or rich tones. If you’re considering a total home makeover, unless your roof is the most dominant element when you look at your home, we don’t recommend choosing your new roof color first. Start with siding, then windows and finally roofing.

Cooley Roofing is Your One Call for All Your Exterior Renovation Needs

And, because we offer new siding, windows, and, of course, roofing, we will help you choose a cohesive color pallet, whether you want to follow the 2024 color trends or not. Our scheduling team will work with you to create a plan that gets the job done quickly and with minimal inconvenience to you and your family. We also offer financing and accept all insurance claims. Call us at (336) 766-6488 or fill out our contact form for your free quote for any of our replacement services.

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